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Alpha Canine Professional Testimonials - Kristin

Hi Greg,

As a dog trainer myself, I always knew there was something missing in the dog training industry particularly in relation to the use of effective training methods. It is obvious to me that the various training methods used by many dog trainers and dog training establishments simply do not work. It wasn't until I found the Alpha Training School at Boronia that I realised there really is a method out there that achieves extremely effective and lasting results. I was so impressed by the results I achieved through taking my own dogs to the school that I decided to further my knowledge and skills and complete Alpha's 10 Day Intensive Dog Trainer Course.

The course was fantastic! I learned the finer skills of handling many dogs with differing temperaments and various training levels. I trained these dogs under all types of distractions, environments and situations. I further enhanced my ability to read a dog's behaviour and used that knowledge to shape the dog's behaviour accordingly. I also put my own dogs through the course with the intention to use them as my demo dogs when visiting my clients in their homes.

Since completing the course I have visited many clients in their homes with, thanks to Alpha, my very well trained demo dog in tow. And also thanks to Alpha I am now armed with the knowledge, skills and ability to teach both clients and their dogs a training method that achieves REAL and LASTING results. I know I have what it takes to be a competent, confident and successful dog trainer and endeavour to continue my learning and improving my skills the Alpha way!

I thank Greg and all his staff at Alpha for their professional and informative approach in teaching me what I know today.

DOGZ Business - April 2011

Kristin working a drop step away whilst patting one of the ponies as a distraction