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Alpha Canine Professional Testimonials
- A letter of thanks from Singapore

Doggie Recreation (Singapore) would like to express our sincere thanks to Alpha Dog Training (Australia) for the training conducted from the period 12/11/2001 - 16/11/2001.

The training was well structured and planned. The lectures and discussions were simple and easy to understand. Hands-on training was carried out in the Hallam Park Boarding Kennel with dogs of different breeds and obedience levels. We were able to understand and practice the dog handling techniques at all obedience levels quickly with the availability of large numbers of dogs in the kennel.

During the training, we were taught how to use the HALTER and the Lifestyle Canine Communication System. This has benefited us a lot as we start to understand the reasons why and how commands are given at the right place and the right time.

The visit to the Alpha Dog Training on Wednesday and Sunday were an eye opener. We were able to see so many breeds of dogs and some breed like the Akita and Pit Bull were banned in our country. It is amazing to see Akitas and other so called "aggressive dogs" doing Sit-Stay next to each others and mixing well together with smaller breeds. The Alpha trainers were friendly and helpful to us and were prepared to share their experiences even though we had not met each other before. We were also impressed with the so many trainers during the training sessions which is a real plus when it comes to the customer's demands.

Lastly, it is really an experience to learn for the short 5 days courses because we were able to absorbed and do so much during the limited time. We definitely looked forward to future joint training courses with Alpha Dog Training and we wish you many, many good doggy years ahead and a merry Christmas.

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